The porous nature of marble means that dirt and dust can get into those pores. Getting rid of that dull imperfection is simple with our professional equipment.



Once we are done with the marble cleaning process, we can polish it to get it back to its original surface. We recommend this especially in high-traffic areas.



To ensure the marble cleaning process looks incredible for years to come, we recommend marble sealing as the final step.

Professional marble cleaning is the only way to truly get your marble clean. No matter how much work you put in, no matter which cleaner you buy, there is no substitute for our commercial-grade equipment, professional cleaning products, and our experience.

Fuller Stone Care has been offering marble cleaning and other services for more than 25 years. Trust us to first clean your marble and then polish it. The final step of sealing when help your marble look as great 20 years from now as it does today.

Insist on the best marble cleaning

There is no question to us that there is not a better marble cleaning company in Hermosa Beach or throughout California. We have experience, we have the equipment and materials, and we have the drive to ensure that every single customer is 100% satisfied with all the work we do. We also offer a wide range of other natural stone services.

5-Star Reviews

We are grateful for our many past clients who have taken the time to share their positive experiences with Fuller Stone Care.

Larry Fuller, Owner Since 1993

As the owner for more than 25 years, Larry Fuller is invested in this company. You can count on him to do right by his customers.

Honest, Quality, and Integrity

There is simply not comparison to working with a locally owned and operated company. Call us today for a free marble cleaning quote.

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